BC TECHNOLOGY offers an assistance service, both mechanical and electronical, supported by a very large spares warehouse (mainly for FIL milling machine).
We also offer the possibility to subscribe a maintenance contract, with guarantee of intervention within 12 hours from calling.
BC TECHNOLOGY offers to its customers assistance with tele service system, which permits a remote monitoring of the problems on the machine, reducing the times of troubleshooting.
We make total or partial overhauling for boring and milling machines of any brand (mainly for FIL milling machine), which include desassembly, cleaning and painting, inspection and arrangement of mechanic and electric parts, total or partial refurbishment of the electric cabinet, plant inspection, safety regulatory adaptation, and so on.
Geometric tests, with manual and electronic instruments, or with laser intruments, on the boring and milling machines of different brands (mainly FIL milling machines) with the provision of relative certification of conformity.
BC TECHNOLOGY can study customized proposal, based on the real needs of the customer, for both the choice of a new machine and eventual new applications on machines already owned by the customer. We project and realize various applications, such as automatic head, automatic tool changer, rotary and rotary-shifting tables, replacement of old-technololgy CNCs with new generation and so on.
Adaptation of machines to current safety regulations and related certification.
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